The IRA Is Still Being Formed 

Through the IRA, Congress committed substantial money to fostering federal-local clean energy partnerships: The Center for Public Enterprise, in a recent report, found that direct pay (the provision in the IRA that allows nonprofit utilities to receive federal grants) could make otherwise unattractive or break-even projects very enticing.

Democracy Journal, September 28, 2023

This Is Public Housing. Just Don’t Call It That. 

“There is this common conception that the public sector just regulates the market,” said Paul Williams, executive director of the Center for Public Enterprise, a nonprofit in New York that encourages greater public investment in the economy. “But in Montgomery County they’ve realized they can play in the market, too, and bring more public benefit than the private sector is structurally capable of.”

New York Times, August 25, 2023

Can Public Banks Play in Tax Equity Markets? 

The Center for Public Enterprise, a group that advocates for the public sector, sees an opening in the new two-track system of direct pay and transferability. Executive Director Paul Williams argues that green banks, a growing form of public finance that received its own cash infusion in the IRA, should be able to buy private companies’ tax credits and claim direct-pay reimbursements.

American Prospect, June 16, 2023 

The Revolutionary Potential of the Inflation Reduction Act 

There’s also an opportunity to rebuild the public sector. As Paul E. Williams, the executive director of the Center for Public Enterprise, told me, “Decades ago, state and local public agencies built all kinds of things: housing, transit, energy, infrastructure, utilities, but a lot of that capacity has gone away. Direct pay can create an engine for building capacity within the public sector itself, especially as they get the funding and get in the business of making things again.”

The Nation, 2023